Quilting services

Quilting cost is based on square inches of the quilt. Measure width and multiply by the length (inches),

in order to get the total number of square inches.

1- Edge to edge large scale design or

free hand pantograph  Cost $0.02 -$0.025/sq. in

3- Simple Custom (border and block designs, some SID) Cost- $0.03- $0.04/sq. in

4- Custom Plus (border and block designs, SID, and background fill)


Top must be ironed and threads trimmed

Backing must be ironed and include 4 inches of extra fabric on each side

If you supply your own batting it must also be 4 inches wider than quilt top on each side.

A 25 % deposit will be collected at the time it's dropped off.

The quilt will be insured for only the cost of the material while it is in my studio.


Batting and Fabric

We have Hobbs brand batting of different types available for

purchase as well as a small number of wide-back backing fabrics.

80/20 Polyester/Cotton blends are soft, yet hold up well to quilting and

provide minimal shrinkage

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Blend -white $8.00 /yd

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Blend-black   $9.50/yd

Wool is wonderful batting to add as a second layer

with a blend, in order to support dense quilting

and provide great definition.

Hobbs 100 % Wool  $10.50  /yd

The drape of the quilt with cotton batting just

can't be beat. It's great for keeping warm on a cold winter afternoon.

Hobbs 100 % Cotton batting  $ 9.70 /yd


Wide Backing fabric  108",is so handy in

order to prevent dealing with seams

Cream, Navy blue, and black  $ 16.00/ yd

Binding service

Binding services are available at three different

levels with three different costs.

1-Machine stitch binding to FRONT of quilt only.

Owner provides prepped binding material.

Cost $0.11 /linear inch

2- Machine stitch binding to FRONT of quilt and hand stitch to BACK of quilt.

Owner provides prepped binding material.

Cost $0.30/Linear inch

3-Full binding service. Send 1 yard of uncut fabric.

Cost $130.00


Free Motion Long Arm Quilting

I will use my “Freddie” long-arm quilter by APQS to stitch together the quilt top, batting, and backing after consulting with you on design, batting and thread choices.

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