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My Approach

I use my APQS Freddie machine to do hand-guided free motion quilting to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each quilt. My repertoire includes edge to edge designs, pantographs, simple custom work, and heirloom custom work, so that, the quilter is happy and the quilt fulfills it's purpose, whether utilitarian or show worthy.

If needed, I offer a variety of batting or backing options.

Also, I provide binding services at various levels, depending on your need.

My Story

Over the years I have tried many crafts and artistic expression. All of them were fun and satisfying to a degree. When I had the opportunity to make a quilt to commemorate my wedding to my first husband, Steve, it was a thrilling and sometimes frustrating experience that then had me hooked for life. The endless artistic possibilities and the precision needed to make a quilt hits both sides of the brain and then there is a tangible piece of art that is functional and wonderful. Steve encouraged me to buy my first long arm and to move forward with my dream of working in fabric and thread into my retirement.  After a long illness I lost Steve and creating and quilting helped me to move forward. God brought me a second unexpected opportunity to love and my husband Kevin has also continued to encourage my dream of starting a long-arm quilting business.  I recently upgraded my machine to an APQS Freddie and I look forward to quilting years into the future.


Lisa Stromsky

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CQO-Chief Quilting Officer

Lisa is a veterinarian by trade, but wants to sew her way into retirement.

Next Steps...

Give me a call or an email and let's talk about your quilt!

608-630-1102 or lisa@pawsandclawsquilting.com